Thittai in Thanjavur district is a famous “Guru Sthalam”. Normally more than a lakh of people visit this temple during Guru Peyarchi festival. GOD Satsangh, Thanjavur decided to use the “Guru Peyarchi” on 6th  December 2008 to propagate Mahamantra.

A book store was set-up near the temple premises and our publications were displayed. Mahamantra in Sri Sri Swamiji’s voice and Kalidharma Undhiyar CD’s were played. Thousands of people visited the stall and most of them had already knew Sri Sri Swamiji through various TV programmes and articles he writes in magazines. The response was good. Mahamantra stickers, “Namam” a booklet by Sri Sri Swamiji and pamphlets containing the list of satsanghs conducted around  Thanjavur were distributed . The effort was a grand success, since we were able to introduce Sri Sri Swamiji and “Hare Rama” Mahamantra to around 6000 new people.

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