Mahamantra Prayer sessions were held at RH Higher Secondary School (school for handicapped and special children) and an old age home in Karaikudi by volunteers of Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust.

Sri Balaji spoke about importance of self-confidence to about 80 children, who are inmates of the school, by narrating the story of Koorma Dasar.


At the old age home, Sri Balaji stressed about the need of the Guru, who alone can give peace of mind, which is the need of the hour. He also narrated the story of Sabari from Ramayana to around 20 inmates of the home.

All the inmates, both in the school and old age home, chanted Mahamantra during the prayer sessions.

Sri Ramakrishan, Smt Chandra Ramakrishnan, Sri Krishnaswamy, and Sri Balachandar of Karaikudi Satsang helped in organizing these programs.

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  1. Rajalakshmi Says:

    I wish to join with the namadwaar activities.

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