Satsang were conducted by Sri M K Ramanujam and Sri T S Ramachandran of Chennai Kendra at many places in and around Pollachi between 10th and 12th of October 2008.

On 10th October 2008, the Satsang was held at Arulmigu Mariamman temple at Makkinampatti, which was attended by about 80 people. Sri Ramanujam spoke about Nama Mahima and the villagers enthusiastically chanted and agreed to chant every week for half an hour. Prasadam was distributed for all devotees along with Mahamantra stickers.

On 11th October 2008, Satsang was held at Sri Kalyana Vinayagar Koil , Mahalakshmi Nagar where Mahamantra is being chanted every week for more than three years now. After the regular bhajans by the devotees Sri Ramanujam lectured for about 80 minutes on Bhakthi and being a Dwadasi day, briefly spoke on Ambarisha Charithram. There were around 100 people for this lecture.
On 12th October morning, a Satsang was conducted at Thensangampalayam village. Inspired by hearing Sri Sri Swamiji’s lectures in television weekly Mahamantra Kirtan is performed by the people in this village near Pollachi for about 2 years now. In the afternoon Mahamantra Nama Kirtan Satsang was conducted in the Bhajanai Madam in their village. Ramachandran spoke about Nama Mahimai for about 30 minutes and all the villagers chanted Mahamantra for 10 minutes.

In the evening Satsang was conducted at Sri Selva Vinayagar temple of Pollachi ( where mandala abhiseka poorthi is being celebrated). Sri Ramanujam spoke there to about 80 people. All the devotees who participated chanted Mahamantra for 10 minutes..

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