A Satsang was conducted at Sri Bala Anjaneyar temple at Dindugal on 11th October 2008. There was a function at that temple in a hall adjoining the sanctum sanctorum and the temple organizers gave us an opportunity to speak about the greatness of Mahamantra. The function that was conducted was “Padmavathy – Srinivasa Thirukalyana Ustavam”, and just before the “Mangalya Dharanam”, we were asked to speak about the greatness of Mahamantra. Sri Thiagarajan of our Chennai Kendra elaborated on the importance of Mahamantra for around 30 minutes. After the lecture, Mahamantra was chanted for 10 minutes.

There were more than 200 people for this function. They all chanted Mahamantra with utmost devotion. All of them were given Mahamantra stickers. The organizers were very reciprocative and informed that regular Nama Sankirtan would be conducted at this temple henceforth. Sri Kumar, an auditor at Dindugal had coordinated for this lecture.

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