At the request of the management of MOP Vaishnav College for Women, a Satsang programme was organized to commemorate the ‘World Peace Day’ in the college premises.

On the morning of 19th September 2008, between 9.40 am to 10.30 am in the morning, about 175 students belonging to the Sanskrit and Commerce departments assembled at the ‘Meghdoot’ Auditorium in the college premises. The event started with Mrs. Pankaja, the Head of Sanskrit department in the college, giving an introductory speech and with short and sweet lectures of couple of college students.

The Satsang started as the Mahamantra was sung for 5 minutes. The students heeded to the request of our team members to join in singing. Then, Sri Ramakrishnahari took the stage and delivered an interactive speech for 30 minutes. He highlighted through examples that peaceful living, which in essence connotes ‘happiness’, as the only objective of human existence. It was explained that the goal of religion and spirituality is this ‘happy living’. Further, ‘spirituality’ was exhorted to be the only permanent source of happiness. The Divine Names of God is the highest form of spiritualism, as endorsed by all faiths.


Mahamantra was again chanted for few minutes. Later, the speaker explained how this simplest, yet the purest way of worship could be interlaced in our day-to-day life to bring peace to one and all and thereby leading to ‘world peace’. As a culmination to the Satsang, all the students enthusiastically joined our Satsang members to chant the Mahamantra for another 5 minutes. At the same time they submitted their sincere prayers to God who himself has assumed the form of our hallowed Mahamantra. 

The participants from Global Organization for Divinity were Smt. Savithri Vasudevan , who had organized for this session, Sri Ramakrishnahari, Smt. Bharathi Ramakrishnahari, Smt. Guhapriya Karthikeyan, Sri Shankar, who played the Harmonium and Sri Harish who played the Dholki.

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