Sri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated at our Madurai Namadwaar in a grand manner on the evening of 23rd of August 2008 with the able assistance of our Namadwaar In-Charge Sri Narahari Das. The celebration happened with the complete participation of more than 100 people including 30 children. The Children actively involved and presented themselves in the guise of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha Rani to make it a fruitful occasion. The parents who accompanied their children to the occasion also voluntarily prepared and brought the Prasadams for offering to Sri Krishna.


The children chanted the “Mahamantra” with utmost devotion lasting for more than half of an hour, which made all people to feel like as if they were present in the “Holy Brindhavan and Gokulam”. The delightful feeling among the people in this divine atmosphere was boundless.

Sequentially the “Nagara Sangeerthanam” started, also being accompanied by evening drizzle, added with a pleasant breeze. All this made the city more sacred. With the kind of divinity surrounded during this great occasion, even the pedestrians were attracted by the beauty of the children and tempted to chant the “Mahamantra” on their way.
Thus everyone who participated in this blissful occasion returned to their home with Prasadham filled in their hands and Nama filled in their heart. This occasion was a grand success only because of the excellent voluntary support and efforts from Smt.Mythili, Smt.Andaal, Smt.Pushpaveni, Smt.Seethalakshmi, Smt.Mallika Shekhar, parents of the children and other local volunteers.

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