It was the turn of the town of Dharmapuri, a place around 50 kms from Krishnagiri, to host Mahamantra mass prayers on 27th and 28th of September 2008. The mass prayers were held at Meenakshi Narayana Thirumana Mandapam, Dharmapuri.

On 27th of September, after the introduction, Sri Ramanujan gave a scintillating speech for an hour. Since it was a Saturday falling in the holy Tamil month of “Purattasi”, he spoke in detail about Sri Venkatesa Mahatmyam. He also spoke about importance of Guru and Satsangh by quoting from Srimad Bhagavatham and lives of many bhakthas of our country. After the speech, all the participants chanted Mahamantra for 15 minutes. More than 100 people had participated in this prayer.

On 28th of September, Sri Balakrishnan of our satsangh spoke for 15 minutes on the importance of chanting Mahamantra and how it helps us in our day-to-day life. Then Sri Ramanujam spoke for an hour. He spoke on the importance of Nama Sankirtan, Guru bhakthi and also about the humbleness of the bhaktas. While speaking about the importance of heeding to a Guru’s wishes, he quoted about Sri Ananthalwar’s bhakthi towards his Guru, Sri Ramanujar and how he did service at the holy hill of Tirumala. While speaking about bhaktas, he dwelt in detail about Ambarisha charitra from Srimad Bhagavatham. At the end of the lecture, mass prayer was held. All the participants, numbering about 150, did Nama Sankirtan for around 15 minutes with great devotion and faith. At the end, all the participants were given Kumkum prasadam.

Members of our satsangh visited some new places around Dharmapuri on both the days. Sri Vasanth of our satsangh and Sri Chaturbujadas, caretaker of Salem Namadwaar also participated in the mass prayer.

The mass prayer was ably organised by Sri Chadramouli of our Kendra with the assistance of Sri Srinivasan and Sri Lakshmanan. All the organizers were duly honoured by Sri Ramanujam.

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