Hare Rama mass prayers was held at the town of Krishnagiri on 20th and 21st of September, 2008. The mass prayers were done at Sri Santhi Kalyana Mandapam, which is at a very prominent location in the town.

On 20th of September, Sri Kesavan of our satsangh, spoke about the importance of satsangh and quoted widely from our scriptures for around 20 minutes. Then Sri Ramanujan took over and spoke for around an hour. In his speech, he stressed on the greatness of Hindu dharma, quoted some events from Ramayana and narrated as to how Ramayana has reached internationally. He also quoted from our scriptures and spoke on “Bhakthi”, by narrating some incidents from the lives of Panduranga bhakthas. After the speech, all the participants chanted Mahamantra for 15 minutes. More than 200 people had participated in this prayer.

On 21st of September, Sri Srikanth and Sri Hariharan of our satsangh spoke for 10 minutes each, about the importance of chanting Mahamantra and narrated their own experiences on how Mahamantra helped them in their lives. Then Sri Ramanujam spoke for an hour. He spoke on the importance of Nama Sankirtan and quoted various examples of Bhaktas who held Nama Sankirtan in high esteem. He also quoted from many of Sri Sri Swamiji’s works. At the end of the lecture, mass prayer was held. All the participants, numbering about 250, were asked to be part of Mahamantra chanting. They did the Nama Sankirtan with great devotion and faith. Nama Sankirtan was done for 15 minutes and at the end, all the participants were given Kumkum prasadam. People at Krishnagiri were very responsive about this mass prayer and have taken to Mahamantra is a great way.

Satasangh was conducted at some new places surrounding Krishnagiri on both the days by our satsangh members. Sri Murali, Sri Srinivasakannan and Sri Vasanth of our satsangh also participated in the mass prayer.

The mass prayer was ably organised by Professor Sundaram, Sri Lakshmi Narayanan, Sri Suresh and Sri Balaji, who are instrumental in conducting regular satsanghs at Krishnagiri. All the organizers were duly honoured by Sri Ramanujam.

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