There is a ‘Karmugil Vannan’ Temple (Krishna Temple) in T.Nagar in the midst of an area where large colonies housing thousands of economically backward class people are located. Besides, it is in the vicinity of a busy market place. Namakirtan is being conducted here every Saturday from 5.00 pm to 5.45 pm. In order to reach the masses, Nagarasankirtan was conducted every Saturday morning from 5.50 am to 6.50 am for four and a half months from May 2008 to Sept 2008 from the temple. The regular participants were Sri Murali & Smt. Jayanthi Murali, Sri Ganesh Nata & Mrs. Aarti Ganesh, Smt. Savithri Vasudevan, Sri Gopichandran & his wife, Sri Ganesan, Sri Ramakrishnahari & Smt. Bharathi Ramakrishnahari.  

Devotees would assemble in the temple at 5.45 am in the temple every Saturday morning. Accompanied by rhythmic sound of the ‘Jalra’ & clapping of hands, they would sing the Mahamantra with joy and stroll till the famous Iyyappa temple in Mahaligapuram and then return to the starting point singing all the way. En route, there are hordes of shops, many colonies for the ‘not-so-privileged’, a busy market place and few local temples. With weeks passing by, the shop keepers, vendors & local residents shed their initial inhibitions. They gradually started joining the inspired devotees and sing when the troop passed through their shops or homes. The families would come out of their homes or stand in their balconies, singing and clapping their hands in merry. On the way back, the devotees would walk through the hyperactive vegetable & fruit market (right below the Kodambakkam over bridge). Many vegetable vendors would join to chant the Mahamantra, and others would listen.  

Often, one of the satsang members would render a brief lecture on Nama standing in front of a tea shop, a cluster of vegetable vendors or in narrow colonies. Every Saturday morning people along the established route would wait eagerly for the kirtan party. At times, when the members turned out late by few minutes, the earnest localities would tell them

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