An interactive session on “Happiness and Success” was organized in the Govt polytechnic college, Purasawalkam by Mrs. Guhapriya. The audience was 200 students of final year from all the three braches in the Polytechnic and about 5 faculties.


First, Mrs. Guhapriya spoke for 30 minutes raising the motivational levels of the students. Swami Vivekananda and Dr. Abdul Kalam were widely quoted in the lecture. The idea of how strong mind with noble virtues will make a complete man was conveyed through parables. The greatness of the Mahamantra was described and it was chanted for 11 times at the end of the speech.


Then, Sri Ramakrishnahari spoke on the importance of control of mind for achieving success in any endeavor. Through a casual & friendly approach, the students were made to come out of their shell and they started interacting well. The true meaning of ‘success in life’ and the concept of ‘happy living’ were expounded. Finally, students were convinced on how Mahamantra could be the effective medium to control the mind and ultimately lead them to an everlasting inner bliss & happiness.


The Students posed questions during the session on the Mahamantra-based-meditation. A miracle performed by our beloved Master through the Mahamantra was narrated in reply to an earnest questioner. The speech lasted for 40 minutes.


At the end of the session, all the students closed their eyes and chanted the Mahamantra with rapt inner attention. Indeed, it was a sight to behold! Before the speakers left the hall, the students swarmed around them and asked them many questions and narrated their happiness in having received the Mahamantra. By the grace of our beloved Gurudev, the program was a grand success!

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