On September 5th (Friday), Satsang was held at Visranthi, the old age home run by Ms. Savithri, the famous socialist who has won national awards for service to the aged. Visranthi is located at Palavakkam on the East Coast Road (ECR), near Chennai in the vicinity of beach.

Sixty elderly inmates participated in the satsang and sincerely chanted the Maha mantra. Participants from our side were Sri Rangarangan and Smt. Bharathi Ramakrishnahari. Sri Rangarajan gave a lecture on Nama mahimai and narrated the Sabari moksha episode, which made the inmates feel that they are not orphaned since God is with them as they all have been chanting the Mahamantra. Sri Rangarajan sang Sri. Swamiji’s song ‘Rama namam solvadhe kaliyil gadhiyam…’ and the satsang ended with chanting of Maha mantra for few minutes. The satsang lasted for 1 hr and 45 min from 4pm to 5.45pm. The elderly inmates expressed their desire to have the satsang again during Navarathri.

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