A Satsang was arranged on 1st August 2008 at Arulmigu Kollapuri Mariamman temple situated in Chennai Armed Reserve Police Quarters, Pudupet, Chennai as a part of annual celebrations in the temple. The Satsang started with the chanting of Hare Rama Mahamantra for 15 minutes. This is the first time that Mahamantra is being chanted at this temple and the devotees, numbering around 200 were very reciprocative and chanted with lots of devotion and enthusiasm.

After the chanting, Sri Kesavan of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Namabhiksha Kendra, Chennai gave a sterling speech for around 30 minutes. He spoke in detail about the life of Sri Abhirami Bhattar of Thirukaddaiyur and how he was devoted to the Goddess Abhirami. The speech was well received by the devotees and they were very happy about a Satsang being organized at their temple. After the speech, Sri Kesavan called upon the children to come on to the stage and chant Nama, which the children joyfully did and chanted for around 10 minutes.

Sri Ramesh of our Chennai Kendra, who resides in that quarters had organized for this Satsang. Sri Murali and Sri Saravanan of our Chennai Kendra also took part in the Satsang. All the Satsang members were honoured with shawls by the temple organizers. Kumkum prasadam and Hare Rama stickers were given to all the devotees who attended the Satsang.

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