It is the wish of Sri Sri Swamiji that the Name of God must reach the most down trodden in the society. Sri Sri Swamiji would say ‘We shall embrace and preach that path which makes God and spirituality common for all. I want my brother who is a fisherman, a cobbler, a tailor and my brother on the street who survives with daily wages to chant the Name of God.’

With this motto, since the last three months, prayers with Mahamantra are being undertaken in hospitals. But, why hospitals? The answers are:

1.  It is a fact known that man who lives oblivious of the existence of the Almighty would look up to his intervention & blessings in the hour of distress. Could there be more painful times than when there is a serious ailment to our body? Therefore, patients in the hospital & their grieving relatives are able to take the Mahamantra in all sincerity. The hospital visits prove this fact.
2. The chosen hospitals are only government hospitals as they are the asylums for the poor. It is a place where time as much time can be calmly spent with the poor, as may be required.
3. Since it is moving crowd in hospitals, Nama can reach a newer set of people each time.

The satsang members went from bed-to-bed praying for patients and their families with Nama, the panacea for all ills. Typically, a set of 3 members can reach out to about 100 people in hour.

‘How can we forget the sight of relatives of patients and at times the patients themselves praying sincerely with Mahamantra on their lips and torrents of tears flowing down their cheeks? There were many such moving moments. There were many families which had come from small villages and towns down south in India.’ the satsang members who participate in this noble endeavor recount, on their experience.

People of different faiths chanted the Mahamantra.  Although, initially they were not aware of the power of Nama, one being told of the potency of the Mahamantra, they joined our satsang members in chanting.  All those who were met promised to chant 33 times (11 times each in the morning, evening and night) everyday.

During the months of May, June and July 2008, the elixir of Nama has been given to hundreds of patients in Chennai and Cuddalore during the visits.

E.S.I Hospital, K.K.Nagar, Chennai: This hospital was visited on a Sunday during the month of May.  This was the first hospital.  Since the satsang members were not sure about how the response could be, they started with a smaller hospital. All the occupied beds in the hospital (about 50) were covered. The good response encouraged the satsang to go to bigger hospitals. The members from the satsang who visited this hospital are Sri Arivarasan (Pattinambakkam), Sri Shanmugham (Kodungaiyur), Sri Balaraman (Ayanavaram) and Sri Ramakrishna Hari.

Peripheral Hospital, Anna Nagar, Chennai: This hospital was visited on a Sunday during the month of May.  About 50 people chanted Nama in this hospital.  Sri Arivarasan (Pattinambakkam), Sri Shanmugham (Kodungaiyur), Sri Balaraman (Ayanavaram), Sri Murali (West Mambalam) and Smt Lakshmi (Mogappair).
Royapettah Government Hospital, Royapettah, Chennai: This hospital was visited on a Sunday during the month of May.  About 75 people chanted Nama in this hospital.  Sri Arivarasan (Pattinambakkam) and Sri Ramakrishna Hari visited the hospital.

Government Hospital, Central, Chennai: This hospital was visited twice during the month of June. About 300 people were initiated into Mahamantra during the two visits. This is the largest Government hospital in Chennai, and one of the largest in the state. The satsang team went to various wards including ‘Trauma’, ‘Post-operative care’, ‘Children’s ward’ and ‘Cardiac department’ and saw that the response was fantastic. The way they took up the Name of God and prayed with devotion was astounding. Many of them shed tears profusely. There was one particular family belonging to a village near Senji, in Tamil Nadu consisting of about 10 people; they all chanted aloud with folded hands in the corridor of the hospital for 10 minutes and they wouldn’t stop chanting. Prayers with Mahamantra were performed in the ICU in front of their son who was in his teens. The patient’s blessed brother accompanied the satsang team for the next 2 hours of the hospital visit.

Sri Arivarasan and Sri Jayapal (Pattinambakkam), Smt Savithri Vasudevan, Smt Krithika and her mother, Smt Savithri, Sri Venkatesh, Smt Bharathi Ramakrishnahari and Sri Ramakrishnahari visited this hospital

Government Hospital, Cuddalore: This hospital was visited during the month of July. It is the birthplace of Sri Sri Swamiji. On the way to the hospital, people who had known Him from His childhood, recounted those days with nostalgia. About 45 minutes was spent in the hospital and about 30 people chanted Nama. Some of the patients wanted to visit the Namadwaar in Cuddalore and took note of the place.  The satsang members of Cuddalore have resolved to visit the hospital every Sunday. 

The participants were Krishnamoorthy Das of Cuddalore Namadwaar, Smt Madhuram, Smt Rajeswari, Smt Durai (devotees from Cuddalore) and Sri Ramakrishnahari.



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