Madurai Namadwaar is hosting a week long program of Srimad Bhagavatha Katha by Sri M.K.Ramanujamji.

28th Jun 2008

The life sketches of Dhruva and Prahalada Swami was elucidated to a packed crowd in Madurai Namadwaar.

The greatness of Bhagavan nama was extolled using the Ajamila charitram of 6th Canto. The devotees were invited to the Akhanda nama on the occasion of Ekadasi on 29th June 2008.

The vision of Namadwaar and the immense fortune of the devotees to be a part of Namadwaar chanting group was also shared.

Our Sri Naraharidasji did the mangala harathi of Bhagavan Sri Krishna to signal the completion of the Satsang.

29th June 2008 (Forenoon session)

Morning 7am, a group of 10 devotees started fron Namadwaar for Nagara kirtanam in the TVS Nagar Area. After 30 minutes of nagara kirtanam the party returned to Namadwaar.

At about 9am, a group of 30 children came to chant in Namadwaar. THey were the group of Hindi tuition kids of Akshaya Hindi Vidyalay of TVS Nagar. They were well mannered and chanted gustily!!

Some sweet infantile sports of our Sri Krishna was shared with the children by Sri Ramanujamji, who immensely enjoyed it.

The children also promised to chant Mahamantram 11 times every morning and evening. Namadwaar Sri Naraharidasji distributed Hare rama Chant CDs and Hare rama Stickers to the Children so that they can take the message to their parents as well.

THe Children were encouraged to come to Namadwaar with their parents and chant whenever they find time or if they passing this way. Children chanted nama as a divyanama kirtanam and then after about an hour returned home after receiving prasadam from Namadwaar.

The Bhagavatha Katha shall conclude with Rukmani Kalyanam on 29th June 2008 evening 7-9pm.

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