A mass prayer and Mahamantra Kirtan meet was planned in Pullalur village on the 22nd of May, 2008.

Our satsang members were at the program venue before the scheduled start of the program.  Sri Kesavan gave a discourse on Guru Mahima.  Then Sri Sri Swamiji arrived at the venue.

Sri Sri Swamiji enjoyed the dance of the little children to the tunes of Hare Rama Mahamantra Kirtan.  After the introductory remarks by the organizers, Sri Sri Swamiji was to give His benedictory discourse when it started to rain.  As it was an open ground adjoining a temple, the venue was shifted to inside the temple.  Sri Sri Swamiji sat on a makeover dais and rendered His divine lecture on Nama Kirtan.  In spite of the rains, the 600+ audience intently listened to Sri Sri Swamiji’s address and chanted the Mahamantra enthusiastically.

Starting His speech with the Tirumaalai pasuram ‘pachai maa malai pol meni…’, Sri Sri Swamiji mentioned the following points in His discourse:
- A ‘villi bharatam’ program is being organized in this village.  What is the indication that the Lord has accepted the program?  It is verily the downpour that we are witnessing now.  More and more such programs should be held here.
- Everyone has aspirations in life.  One aspires to earn a lot of money, another aspires to become a collector or doctor, yet another aspires to succeed in his business.  If such aspirations can exist, can’t we all have the noblest aspiration

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