Sri Ranjit Iyer of Agaram, Agraharam Street, had arranged for a satsang for  the socially downtrodden people in Agaram Village, Vellore District. Sister Poornima of our Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendra discoursed on the grace of the Lord and power of the divine names to more than 70 villagers gathered in the Mariamman Temple there. The residents of the colony were very receptive and were all set to take the Mahamantra around to each and every resident in the Colony and around. They have decided to chant the mahamantra in the precincts of the Mariamman Temple every friday evening. A mass prayer would also be conducted at the conclusion of each satsang. Sri Giri of the Colony and Sri Ranjit Iyer and other devotees of Agaram, have promised to spread the Divine Name in and around Agaram.

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