Sister Poornima of GOD  visited about six villages around Annaicut, Vellore District to spread the fragrance of Namasankirtan. The team of our Annaicut Kendra, comprising Sri Velayudam, Sri Umapathy, Sri Duraisami and others, joined Sister Poornima in knocking doors in every streets and colonies around Annaicut, to tell them the greatness of chanting the Mahamantra. The tour around villages was from 14th May 2008 to16th May 2008.

More than 40 devotees gathered in the Pillayar Temple in Pichchaanattam Village, near Annaicut, to welcome the team of Annaicut Kendra along with Sister Poornima. Ms. Rajalakshmi, who was leading the namasankirtan in this village, was more than happy to recieve the team. Sister Poornima addressed the devotees, which consisted of many kids, and spoke on the greatness of Mahamantra. Narrating the story of Sant Namadev, she stressed that Lord cares for nothing but love. She further explained how chanting the divine names could ensure such divine love flowers within us. The enthusiastic children, placed many prayers for their well being and the well being of many in the village. They were assured that chanting the Mahamantra would grant them all their prayers.

Following the satsang at Pichchaanattam, the team took off to the next village, PeriaOngapadi. The satsang was arranged in Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Perumal temple and about 40 villagers gathered. Sri Duraisami, a teacher in Boys Higher Secondary school and ardent devotee of Sri Swamiji, spoke on the importance of chanting the divine names. His discourse was followed by Sister Poornima’s speech on how the Lord is pleased with the one who chants His Names. The villagers were visibly impressed by the greatness of the Divine Names and promised to do mass chanting of mahamantra evey Saturday in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Venkateshwara Perumal.

It was the village Chinna Gengainallur next. Sister Poornima discoursed on the greatness of Mahamantra and Mass prayer to about 50 devotees who were gathered in a local temple in the village. The villagers listened with rapt attention and the satsang concluded with 10 minutes of Mahamantra chanting.

Chinna Gengainallur was followed by the village Pattaiyur. More than 50 devotees gathered in the middle of the street under a street tubelight to hear about the Mahamantra and its greatness. Sri Duraisami started the satsang after Sri Velayudam introduced the team to the villagers. Sister Poornima followed Sri Duraisami and spoke on the importance of Divine grace. She concluded by saying that such divine grace can be easily got by chanting the Mahamantra itself. The villagers were given stickers and made to reapeat the Mahamantra. All of them pormised to chant at least 11 times every morning and evening and not stopping with that, have assured that they would gather once every week to chant Mahamantra together.

The Mariamman Temple in the Annaicut Colony was filled with devotees who had gathered to listen to the greatness of Mahamantra. Sri Velayudam, Sri Duraisami and Sister Poornima spoke on the ease and greatness of chanting the Divine names. Here again, many from the Colony, assured that they would pull in more people around their colony and make them chant the Mahamantra! It was a very fullfilling satsang.

The Village of Vellangadu was the last one in this tour around Annaicut. The satsang was arranged in Sri Rama Temple in the village. The villagers were all invited and soon about 70 of them assembled to hear the about the Mahamantra. Sri Duraisami and Sister Poornima spoke on how important Mahamantra was for each one of us and how much can be achieved by chanting the divine names. Sensing the ease of this path, the villagers decided to chant the mahamantra together once every week.

The entire tour in the villages around Annaicut, by Sri Swamiji’s grace, was a very fullfilling one!

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