Devotees of the village Agaram in Vellore District gathered at Sri GajendraVarada Peruma Temple on 13th May 2008 for a satsang and NamaKirtan. Sister Poornima of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendra addressed more than 50 devotees and spoke on the greatness and ease of chanting the Divine Names by telling Gajendra Moksha. The devotees chant in the precincts of the temple every Saturday evening and have promised to take the Divine Name to villages and colonies around Agaram.

On the same day, Sister Poornima addressed more than 80 villagers, who were gathered at Sri Draupadi Amman Temple in the village Devi Chetti Kuppam. Emphasising on how the Divine Name alone can come to our rescue during dire need, Sister Poornima spoke on how Divine Name saved Draupadi when nothing else and nobody else could. The villagers, who were new to Mahamantra, were taught to chant the divine names and stickers of Mahamantra were distributed. Sri Ramesh, Sri Anandan and Sri Murugan of D.C.Kuppam, promised to carry this message to all and see to it that every one in the village is benefited by this Mahamantra. They shall conduct the Namakirtan every saturday in Sri Draupadi Amman Temple premises. Sri Velayudam of our Annaicut Kendra, had arranged for this satsang in D.C. Kuppam.

Following the satsang at D.C. Kuppam, our team with Sister Poornima, Ms.Kumuda of Ambur, Sri Velayudam of Annaicut and other devotees, went to AandiKottai village in Vellore District. As the team chanted the divine names at the centre of the village, more than 80 villagers gathered around the team. Sri Durai and Sri Velayudam, spoke about the purpose of our visit- to take the easiest path to attain the grace of the Lord to one and all..’Chanting the Divine Names’. Sister Poornima spoke on the greatness and need to chant the Mahamantra. The enthusiastic villagers, promised to gather at a Amman temple in their village once every week and chant the Mahamantra.

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