On 13th April 2008, to celebrate the auspicious Tamil New Year day, Sri Balaji of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Namabhiksha Kendra, Chennai addressed around 500 people in a basti at Malad, a western suburb of Mumbai. The audience was Tamil immigrants to the city. He was heard with rapt attention, for he spoke to them in a simple and easily understood idiom. He spoke about the benefits of chanting the Mahamantra.

Sri Balaji explained how easy it is in the Kaliyuga to reach the Lord through the path that is most pleasing to Him, that is the repetitive chanting of His Nama with utmost devotion. In these days of feverish activities  and lack of time to engage in long spiritual activities, simple Nama chanting would work wonders in as much as it will take man to reach His lotus feet. There is no need for elaborate rituals and there is no other compulsion as to how the Nama is to be chanted. It can be done at all times, even as one is in the midst of other activities.


The Lord, who is Karuna Murti, values the simple devotion of his devotees, comes to their help and aid in times of need and throws His protective arms over the shoulders of the true devotees. Sri Balaji easily related to the audience by the strength of his conviction regarding the benefits of Nama chanting. By quoting the example of Senanayi and Abhirami Bhattar he highlightened the manifold of the Lord’s grace and His concern for the welfare of His devotees.


The people of Malad who had gathered were transported to a world of simple spiritualism by the discourse. Before Sri Balaji left the basti, the devotees in extracted a promise from him, that whenever he visits Mumbai again, he should visit Malad and give lectures. Such was the power of Sri Balaji’s lecture.

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