Sister Poornima was welcomed with smiles on the face and Divine Name on the lips by the children of the village Venkatasamudram in Ambur. More than 30 kids and 10 adults were chanting the Mahamantra in the precincts of Amman temple in their village. With thundering claps and sweet voice, the kids made the temple reverberate with Mahamantra.


After about 45 minutes of chanting, Sister Poornima had an interaction with the children. When asked if they knew what Mahamantra was Tirupathi, a 13 year old, replied, “Mahamantra is something that can give us all that we want and solve every kind of problem- be it with respect to health, wealth or family. It showers blessings. And the beauty of Mahamantra lies in the fact that we can chant it anywhere, anytime..even wearing shoes while we go to school.” Later, Sister Poornima told the children the story of Namdev and demonstrated how calling the Divine Names of the Lord was the simplest way to turn His attention towards us and get our prayers answered.


Apart from their regular chanting on New moon and Full moon days, the kids decided to chant every Saturday. Not stopping with just their chanting, they resolved to make all the elders of the village chant too! The Satsang concluded with the blessings of the Lord in the form of heavy downpour during the hottest summer season!



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