During the programme arranged to mark the Tamil New Year on 13th April, 2008, in Dharavi, Mumbai, Sri Balaji of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Namabhiksha Kendra, Chennai, gave a lecture on “Nama Mahimai” (i.e. the importance of chanting Mahamantra).  At a lamp festival (villakku pooja) at the Ganesh Mandir, Sri Balaji explained the effects of chanting the Mahamantra. In a simple and directly appealing language he high lightened the good effects that flow from continuous chanting of Nama. He explained that, this is the easiest and sure path to reach the Lord. The Lord also loves simple Nama smarana and bhajans sung about him and bestows his devotees with all that is needed in this life and in the life after this. He is so kind that he gives himself to those who chant His Name continuously.


Sri Balaji emphasized that simple Nama chanting can give peace of mind and ever lasting happiness to those who do it. They will reach the feet of the Lord and experience eternal joy through this.  He spoke so eloquently that people were mesmerized and one could sense the spiritual fervour rising through them. An old bystander was so impressed by Sri Balaji’s lecture that she came close to him and sat there and listened with rapt attention with tears in her eyes and her body swaying with devotion.

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