On 15th of April, 2008, Sri Balaji of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Namabhiksha Kendra, Chennai addressed a group of about 25 teachers of Sister Nivedita School, Dombivli, Mumbai. The principal, Mrs. Seema Phansikar had requested a session for the teachers, as they were stressed too much and each teacher was handling around 60 students in a section.
It was a very interesting session. He told them that the teachers can make a lasting impression on the students for the rest of their life. Whenever they had to teach a new concept, he asked them to teach it in such a way, that it touches their heart. Even though it may take more sessions than their planned one, he asked them to do it, so that the message reached every child in the class. Then, the children will start looking at them in a different angle.
He asked them to always boost the Confidence of the students and never discourage them at any point of time. He gave the example from Bhagavat Gita on how Sri Krishna boosted the confidence of the great warrior Arjuna, though Arjuna always felt he will not be able to fight the battle. That is why Sri Krishna is adored as the Jagatguru even today. Whereas Salya discouraged Karna always telling him that he was only a charioteer’s son and he will not be able to win Arjuna.
He asked them to shower unconditional love and compassion on the students which will make a lasting impression in the minds of children. He gave the example of Sri Sandeepani Guru’s love towards Krishna and Sudama. Once Krishna and Sudama, while staying in the gurukulam, went to the forest to collect wood for their Guru Mata. Before they could return, it started to rain heavily and so they placed the wood in a tree’s bark (to safeguard the wood from rain) and both of them were totally drenched in the rain. The next day when their guru saw their bakthi he was moved and he blessed them that they will always prosper in their life. And Krishna is reminded of this incident when Sudama meets him and he tells Sudama that it is only because of his Guru’s blessing that they have prospered.
So a teacher can always make a lasting impression on a student by his/her love.
And finally he told them that more than everything we require God’s blessing to spread this unconditional love and for that he asked them to chant the Mahamantra daily. The session ended with the chanting of the Mahamantra for some time.
The teachers enjoyed the session thoroughly. The Principal requested Sri Balaji to visit them whenever he was in Mumbai, so that she can arrange for a session.


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