With the grace of our Sri Swamiji, School Mass Prayers for the 10th/ 12th standard (appearing for board exams) have been conducted around Karaikudi from 3rd to 07th November 2014. We also had a Mass Prayer for the general public at Nallamuthu Mariamman Koil, on 4th November 2014. The arrangements have been made in an excellent way by Mrs Chandra Ramakrishnan, Co-ordinator of Karaikudi Kendra. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these School prayers & Satsang and gave lectures.


He has explained the ways to overcome fear, the requirement to eradicate negative thoughts for positive results, quotes from the life of great people who overcame many challenges to emerge successful, the need for Parents and teachers for our success and the importance of praying the God to succeed in exams and life. The Students have chanted “Mahamantra” with enormous interest for sometime at the end of prayers and they were all given Kumkum Prasad and HareRama book tag. The list of schools (11 schools and 3475 students) have been given below:

  • Leaders Matric HSC (185 nos), Subiah Ambalam & Kalaivani Matric HSC (130 nos), Muthiah Alagappa HSC (200 nos), SMS HSC (490 nos), Alagappa Matric HSC (800 nos), Aavudayar Govt Boys HSC (400 nos), Aavudayar Govt Girls HSC (200 nos) Saraswati Girls HSC (150 nos), Kendriya Vidyalaya HSC (120 nos), Vidyagiri Matric HSC (800 nos)

Mass Prayer at Nallamuthu Mariamman Koil:

The satsang was attended by more than 70 devotees and Sri Muraliji spoke on the necessity of Prayer and the importance of chanting Mahamantra in this age of Kali to obtain Bagavan’s blessings. Harerama stickers/ Kumkum and prasadhams were given to all the devotees.

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