With the wonderful grace of our Sri Swamiji, a mass prayer was arranged at Chellam Soap Mahal, Madurai on 2nd of November 2014 between 06 to 08.30pm in the evening. Excellent arrangements were done by Sri Haridas, in-charge for Madurai Namdwar and were very well co-ordinated by local Volunteers. Sri Murali represented our “Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust” and gave pravachanam.

The mass prayer started with our Gopa Kuteeram Children performing our Swamiji’s various keertans which grabbed the attention of one and all. A group of devotees from Annanagar, Madurai performed “Villu Pattu” wonderfully singing the greatness/ need of a Guru, the concept of Gopa Kuteeram and the features of Namadwar. Few devotees shared their successful Nama Anubhavam.

Sri Haridas explained our Madurai Namadwar activities and the details of Satsangs happening around Madurai. Sri Murali spoke on the greatness of God/ Guru, the importance of doing prayers to Bagavan and the need for chanting the divine names in this age of Kali with various quotes of Azhwars/Mahatmas.

The Mass Prayer was attended by more than 700 devotees. Hare Rama stickers and kumkum Prasad were given to all the devotees.

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