With the ever flowing blessings of our Sri Swamiji, We had a wonderful 7 days (15.12.2014 to 21.12.2014) of Srimad Bagavatha pravachanam arranged by Sri Hari, co-ordinator of Tirutani Kendra at Dharmaraja Koil, Suvalpettai, Arakonam.

Sri Muraliji representing our “Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust” had the nice opportunity to give Pravachanam between 06 pm to 08pm every day. “Nagara Sangeertanam” and “Rukmini Kalyanam” was performed on the last day of satsang. Prasadams/ Hare Rama stickers were given to all the devotees.

The response from the devotees was very good. The average presence was 125-150/day and the last day registering more than 400 people. They all listened to the Bagavatha pravachanam with plenty of attention/devotion.

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