With the wonderful grace of our Sri Swamiji, Satsangs have been conducted in & around Sholingar from 25th December to 30th December 2014. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these Satsangs and gave lectures.

A) Ramurthy Mahal:

The subject was “Azhwargalum/Naama Vaibhavamum from 25th December to 30th December 2014, 06 to 08pm which covered the importance of chanting Bhagavan Naama and the greatness of Azhwars.

The Satsang was attended to by more than 150 devotees (average) on each day and 250 on the last day. All the devotees have chanted “Mahamantra” with enormous interest during the Satsang and were all given Prasadam on each day.

We also participated in the nagara sangeertan on 28th December 2014 (attended by more than 40 people) which happens on a daily basis in this month of Margazhi.

B) School Mass Prayer:

A school Mass prayer was conducted on 26th December 2014 at Sholingar Govt Boys HSC, attended by more than 210 students of 10th & 12th Standard. The students have chanted Mahamantra with enormous interest and were all given Stickers/ Kumkum Prasad.

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  1. Sridharan.R Says:


    Really we are grateful to our beloved Satguru Maharaj Sri Sri Sri Swamiji for deputing Sriman Muraliji for 6 days discourse @ sholinghur from 25.12.2014 to 30.12.2014.

    Sriman Vallabh Dass Swami has given a wonderful discourse about all 12 Azhwars and also about Ramanuja Nootrantahdhi.

    Once again prostrating before our Guru Maharaj for showing his grace towards us and prayers to almighty to keep us always our mind to think only the lotus feet of our Swamiji.

    Sridhara Dasan (9585034327)

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