The Australia Namadwaar in Sydney was consecrated and declared open by Sri Bhagyaji on Nov 8, 2015 the divine appearance day of our Guru Maharaj. With Padhuka Pravesham and Nama Sankirtan, the divine sanctum was consecrated by Sri Bhagyaji. This was followed by prayer songs by Gopa Kuteeram children, Krishna Jananam parayanam and Nandotsav and bhajans by the Youth group of Sydney Satsang. The commemorative plaque/cornerstone at the entrance was also opened by Sri Bhagyaji. A music CD by the Youth group was released to commemorate the occasion.
During the formal inauguration program in the evening, a number of dignitaries were present. This included Hon’ble David Elliott, Minister for corrections, emergency services and veterans affairs, Hon Ms Julie Owens Federal MP, Hon Ms Michelle Rowland, Shadow minister for multiculturalism, citizenship and small business, Hon Mark Taylor MP, Hon Daniel Mookhey MLC, Mr Shahadat Chowdhury Councillor Paramatta and Mr Susai Benjamin Councillor Blacktown. Sri Sri Swamiji’s benedictory message was also watched by the audience. Satsang representatives from Namadwaars and GOD Satsangs from around the world were present.

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