With the grace of our Sri Swamiji, School Mass Prayers for the 10th/ 12th standard (appearing for board exams) have been conducted in and around Tutucorin /Tirunelveli /Kovilpatti /Kadambur /Tiruchendhur & Arupukottai from 30th Novemberto 05th December 2015. The arrangements have been made in an excellent way by Smt Kanchanaji representing our Tutucorin Namadwaar. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these School prayers and gave lectures.

The list of schools (19 schools and 9515 students) have been given below:

1) Karapettai Nadar Girls HSC (545 nos) 2) Kovilpatti Kammavar Girls HSC (440 nos) 3) K.R.Vidyalaya (260 nos) 4) Ayira Vaisya HSC (200 nos) 5) Chinmaya Vidhyalaya HSC  (235 nos) 6) MDTH HSC (430 nos) 7) Sri Saradha HSC (175 nos) 08) Imayam School HSC (135 nos) 9) Kadambur Hindu Nadar (410 nos) 10) Sivathayapuram Hindu Nadar HSC (155 nos) 11) Subbiah Vidyalaya HSC (2600 nos) 12) Sri Saratha Girls HSC, Thaazhayuthu, Tirunelvelli (200) 13) Arupukottai Girls HSC (650 nos)  14) Sivandhi Aadhitanaar Matric HSC, Tutucorin (1025 nos) 15) Natrajan HSC, Kattunaickanpatti (175 nos) 16) Ganesar HSC, Panickanadar Kudiyiruppu, Tiruchendur (435 nos)  17) Karapettai Boys HSC, Tutucorin (815 nos)  18) C.M.Boys HSC, Tutucorin (420 nos)  19) C.M.Girls HSC, Tutucorin (210 nos)

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