With the grace of our Sri Swamiji, School Mass Prayers for the 10th/ 12th standard (appearing for board exams) have been conducted at Periyakulam, Podinayakanur & Theni from 04th to 05th January 2016. We also had a Mass Prayer for the general public at Triumph school, Periyakulam on 5th & 6th January 2016 (Attended by 450 devotees). The arrangements have been made in an excellent way by Sri Krishnakumar. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these School prayers/ satsangs and gave lectures.

The list of schools (4 schools and 2670 students) have been given below:

Renuka Vidyalaya, Theni (535), 2) Thangamuthu Polytechnic, Periyakulam (315), 3) Pankajam Girls HSC, Podinayaknur (1370), 4) Govt HSC, Melachokkanathapuram (450)

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