Sri Ramesh and few other members of Tamilnadu Brahmins Association, Palani, Tamil Nadu, had arranged for a three days Valmiki Ramayana lecture, ensuing the Ramanavami celebrations at Sai Sadan Hall, Shanmugapuram, Palani. Sri Balaji of GOD satsang lectured on Srimad Ramayanam for three days at Palani from 01.04.09 – 03.04.09 from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm.

On the first day of the lecture Sri Sivachariar, in whose home Sri Balaji stayed, introduced Sri Balaji to the devotees. Sri Balaji covered the importance of satsangs and katha shravana and then plunged in to the Rama gunas and concluded it with the Rama jananam. On the second day lecture, Sri Balaji dwelled on the Balakandam part namely the yagna samrakshana, ahalya sapa vimochana and ended with the grand Sita Kalyanam.





On the final day lecture, Sri Balaji dwelled on the multifarious genuine qualities of Bhagwan Rama as explained in the Ayodhya Kanda with strong emphasis on the Rama Nama and beautifully explained that it is out of the unswerving love towards Rama Nama that even Parvathi and Parameshwara drank the nectarine of Rama Katha. The third day lecture ended with the Padhuka Pattabhisheka Vaibhavam. This was followed by a Mahamantra chanting session for more than 15 minutes by all those who attended the session. Everybody chanted Mahamantra with great joy and devotion. More than 50 people participated in the satsangs everyday. At the end, Sri Harihara Muthu honoured Sri Balaji on behalf of the satsang devotees at Palani.

Sri Ramesh and a few other volunteers of the Palani satsang have assured us of a Mahamantra chanting session during every first Sunday of every month at Sai Sadan Hall, Shanmugapuram, Palani.

On 04.04.09, Sri Balaji addressed a gathering of more than 40 people at Dindugul Selva Vinayagar temple around 6.30 pm. This was organized by Sri Hariharan and a few other Dindugul satsang members. Sri Hariharan made rapid arrangements for the lecture in a very short notice. Sri Balaji dwelled on various important aspects about Bhagavan Nama, explaining the greatness of Bhagavan Nama as portrayed in Sundara kandam and also by explaining the charitras of devotees like Namdev and Gora Kumbhar. The entire audience listened to this lecture with rapt attention and the session ended with a Mahamantra chanting.


Sri Ramesh had organized and coordinated for the entire functions. Sri Sai Natarajan was kind enough to give the Hall for satang.

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