A Mahamantra Satsang was organized at Sri.Varadharaja Perumal Koil, Pondicherry on 11th of April 2009 between 06.30 p.m to 08.30 p.m. The arrangements were made by Sri Natesan of our Cuddalore Kendra, with the co-ordination of Sri.Krishnamurthy Das, our Kendra In-Charge and Sri.Ravichandran representing our Pondicherry Kendra. Sri.Murali of GOD India attended the Satsang. Around 100 people had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Satsang and chanting the Mahamantra.


Sri Murali gave a speech for more than an hour and stressed the importance of having a Guru in this Kaliyuga by narrating few incidents from the lives of Sr.Adi Sankara, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Swami Desikan, and other Mahatmas and also insisted on the significance of chanting the Mahamantra.


The Satsang concluded with the grace of Sri Varadharaja Perumal & Perundhevi Thayar and the devotees chanted “Mahamantra” with great interest.

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