Our GOD satsang members Kesavan, Ramesh, Murali and Sanath visited three places around Anaicut on 18th April’09 and gave lectures on grace and glory of Mahamantra. More than hundred devotees benefited through these satsangs.

Subsequent to that event, the villagers from Ilavambadi, a village near Anaicut, requested Sri Velayutham of our Anaicut satsang to arrange for a satsang in their village for the benefit of all.

Our GOD satsang members Sri Kesavan, Sri Thyagarajan and Sri Venkateswaran Gurumurthy visited this village on 25th April 2009 and participated in the satsang conducted at the Bhajanai temple.

Sri Kesavan rendered a lecture on power of Nama and the need of an hour is to repeat the Lord’s name incessantly to attain the highest stage. The villagers attentively grasped the essence of the lecture and were keen on chanting Nama in the temple premises regularly. They also have requested GOD to conduct one more satsang in the near future to be organized in co-ordination with Sri Velayudam and Sri Vilvanathan of Anaicut.

The program concluded around 10:00 PM with Mahamatra kirtan and Harathi to Lord Krishna. Mahamantra stickers and Kumkum Prasad were distributed to all devotees.

All the aforesaid programs were organized by Sri.Velayutham of our Anaicut satsang.

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