Last year, Mahamantra chanting was initiated at Sri Yoga Narasimhar Temple in Narasingapuram, Ranipet. Since then, more than 150 devotees gather at the temple every Saturday and chant the Mahamantra with sincere devotion and dedication.

The Mahamanta Namakirtan – first year anniversary celebrations were held in a grand manner on Saturday, 25th April 2009.

It was surprising to see sudden dark clouds on the hot sunny evening on the 25th. There was a drizzle around the temple as a sign of Guru’s abundant grace. The organizers were little worried about the possibility of heavy rain because the program was to be conducted in the open space. It’s interesting to note there was heavy downpour in the whole city and yet there was a minimal drizzle near the temple which also stopped completely once the program started!



The program started with the bhajans at 6:00 PM by local Bhagavathas. Then Sri Kesavan and Sri Venkateswaran Gurumurthy of GOD India delivered lecture on Nama Mahima.

Devotees sung our Swamiji’s kirthan “Kaliyayum bali kollum..” followed by Mahamantra kirtan. The program concluded at 8:00 PM with Harathi to Lord Narasimhar. Mahamantra stickers,Kumkum and prasadam were distributed to all devotees.

This program was ably organized by Sri Amirthakadeswaran, Sri Ragunathan and Sri Gandhi of our Ranipet Satsang.

Sri Thiyagarajan of GOD India also participated in this event.

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