In continuation to the Sloka / Bhajans classes conducted by Smt Bhuvana Kumar in Raheja Residency, Koramangala, Bangalore since last 2 years, this year a summer heritage camp was organized for the children under the banner of “Madhurya Heritage Camp” at her residence from 14th to 24th May 2009.

The response to the camp was encouraging. 33 children participated in the camp. Children were taught Slokas, Hanuman Chalisa, Bhajans and Hanuman Aarthi (Anjaneya Ram Sloka) apart from the regular chanting of Mahamantra daily. The camp also featured sand painting, pot painting, doll making, craft work, folio making, Yoga and First aid/ Nutrition.

Smt. Kanchana Sounder, Smt. Rajni Sridhar and Ms. Aparna Sankaranarayanan from our satsangh rendered their support in the areas of Yoga, Craft work & First aid respectively. Smt Rajalakshmi and Smt. Ramya from Raheja Residency apartments assisted fully in the various camp activities.

On the concluding day of the camp (23rd May 2009), all the parents of the participating children were invited, to give them an overview of the purpose of conducting the camp as well as to give an introduction to the various “GOD” activities across the world. Over 100 people were present on this occasion.

Every one appreciated the activities done during the camp and was overwhelmed that their children have learnt so many Slokas, Bhajans & Hanuman Chalisa in such a short period and the effort of “GOD” Organization to the service of mankind. All the participants pledged continued support to many more programs of such nature.

The camp concluded with a picnic to the Sri Sundara Hanuman temple on the 24th May 2009.

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