With the blessings of our beloved Sri Sri Swamiji, a satsang was organized at Lady Sivaswami Girls Higher Secondary School by our satsang member Smt Chitra Ganesh between 30th June to 3rd July. Our beloved Sri Sri Swamiji’s disciple Sri Ramanujamji delivered a lecture on “Success and Happiness in Life” on all these four days. The program was well attended by students of classes IX – XII, teachers, management staff and trustees.

The program started with a warm welcome address by Smt. Nirmala, Headmistress of the school. She introduced Sri Ramanujamji to the audience.

Sri Ramanujamji spoke on the importance of satsang and why we need satsang in our life? Through his vibrating speech with apt examples of real life situations and quotes, he could reach all the students to convey the message that he carried forward. Sri Ramanujamji said students should develop positive attitude, acceptance to life as it comes and courage of conviction. He said happiness leads to success and also explained in his own way the line of difference between happiness and success.

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