June 5th 2009

Sri Lakshmanan of Dharmapuri a well wisher of GOD India Trust, who had generously supported our Dharmapuri mass prayer, had invited Sri M.K.Ramanujam for a Satsang on the occasion of his nephew’s upanayanam. Sri Ramanujam gave a short talk on greatness of Bhagavatha Dharmam followed by chanting of Mahamantra. All the friends and relatives gathered there chanted Mahamantra without reservation.

Sri Chandramouli, Sri Srinivasan together had arranged for a Satsang in a hall in Dharmapuri the same day evening. The topic was Bhagavatha Rasam. Sri M.K.Ramanujam extolled the sweetness of Bhagavatha rasam and the satsang attended by about 50 people concluded with Mahamantra chanting.

June 8th 2009

Sri M K Ramanujam visited Pudukode – residence of Sri Murali’s (of Salem Satsang) mother and did an hour of satsang on Nama mahimai there to an audience of 15 elderly ladies. All the mothers sweetly chanted Mahamantra in sweet unison. Then Sri Ramanujam traveled to Ernakulam Namadwaar.

That evening, Dr Vasu who takes care of Ernakulam Namadwaar had arranged for a Satsang in the Ernakulam city. It was an old temple and houses adjoining the temple with an eager audience of about 200, the topic of Bhagavatha Rasam was well received by one and all.

June 9th 2009

Sri Sethuramanji an old time devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji hosted satsang in his home in the morning and the Namadwaar hosted evening satsang. Bhagavatham was the topic and about 30 people attended the satsang and chanted Mahamantra.

June 10th 2009

Sri Gurumurthy of Bangalore, hosted a Satsang in his residence ‘Sweetness of Bhagavatham’ on occasion of his younger son’s upanayanam. His residence was packed with devotees who eagerly listened to the lecture lasting about an hour by Sri M K Ramanujam.

June 11th, 12th 2009

A meeting of GOD volunteers of Bangalore was convened headed by Sri Sankarnarayanaji to discuss the process of PURANAVA 09 (an interschool quiz on our epics and heritage. The plan was finalized and the final of the quiz is on 25th July 2009 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium, Bangalore.

June 13th, 2009

Satsang at Sri Ramar temple, Walajah – About 200 people attended this Satsang which delved about the greatness of Lord Hanumar and power of Mahamantra. The temple committee was very kind to the speaker and they promised to continue chanting of Mahamantra in the temple. This was coordinated by Sri Palani of Walajah Satsang.

Sri Sivaji Ganesan of Kaveripakkam initiated a GOD Satsang weekly chanting Kendra with lecture by Sri Ramanujam on Nama mahima. A 100 strong crowd enjoyed the satsang and chanted Nama without reservation.

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