With the Grace of Sri Sri Swamiji, I am pleased to convey that Nama Sankirtan is taking place regularly in Sri Mariamman Temple- Wat Kahak in Silom Road (Hindu temple is called in Thai as Wat Khak) in Bangkok, on every Saturday at 5.45 PM for about 30 min.Before this mass chanting by 75 to 100 devotees, our Swamiji’s chanting CD is played for 45 min from 5.0 PM. Most of these devotees are local Thai people.

It shows that we need to only make a small step to enable others to chant Mahamnatra, that too with our Guru Maharaj’s sankalpa and the rest takes place with His grace!

During my last visit, I had given the Mahamantram CD to the temple authorities with request to play whenever convenient to them. During this visit today, I had checked with the Head priest on the status and I am told that a regular Nama chanting takes place as mentioned!

I am pleased to note the Nama chanting spreads fast to all parts of the globe and I experience the divine grace and presence of Sri Swamiji in this space.

- Balasubramanian
Singapore GOD Satsang.

3 Responses to “Nama Sankirtan in Bangkok”

  1. powna Says:

    Radhe krishna

    Dear uncle i pray to swamiji for your great work should have been conducted else where in this world(around singapore etc..)and our swamiji with you there to support your nama work …successfully
    we also sincearly chanting the valuable maha mandra where you have been conducting every sunday in svp temple ..By our swamiji grace
    lets pray to swamiji “To bless us to have Namadwaar here like how swamiji blessed to have namadwaar in Australia”I KEEP CHANT MAHAMANDRA IN THIS REGARD.
    i pray swamiji to bless your each step regarding chanting mahamandra and for your good health and wealth..

    thank you so much and kodanu kodi namashkaram to our gurumaharaj

  2. powna Says:

    radhe krishna

    i came to know today only(about namasankirtan in bangkok) so i will go there along with my friends when we all get togethere.i have interest to see there also how its happening ..

    i would like to attend there how i attend in svp temple (if i can)

    i need the details of the address

    thank you

    radhe krishna

  3. J Balasubramanian Says:


    Thank you for your prayers. If you check for ‘Sri Mariamman Temple- Wat Kahak in Silom Road’ people would guide you. It is the only Hindu temple in that road. It would be nice if you can get photos/video of the chanting.


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