t was a special Ekadasi day at the temple of Sri Srinivasa perumal, Singapore on 1st August 2009.  Lord Srinivasa looked pleased to hear the chanting of the Mahamantra for the first time during the Mass prayer conducted in the temple.

It is a custom of the temples of Singapore to conduct a Mass prayer (Koottu prarthanai) for about ten to fifteen minutes around 7.30 to 8pm on Saturdays. Though only for a few minutes, the Singaporeans have lot of faith in this koottu prarthanai and hence assemble in large numbers during this time especially for this purpose.

Last Saturday, the head priest Sri Srinivasa Bhattacharya, explained the power and efficacy of chanting the Mahamantra during this koottu prarthanai, and made a gathering of about two hundred devotees chant along with him. He advised all the devotees to chant this Mantra for 108 times daily, irrespective of time and place and get all their prayers fulfilled.

After the mass prayer, the Mahamantra CD of Sri Sri Swamiji was played from the office room of the temple and was heard and enjoyed by all the devotees through speakers.

The GOD Satsang devotees led by Sri Balasubramaniamji have been chanting the Mahamantra in this temple for one hour every Sunday evening since more than a year now. The session is concluded with the song ‘Kaliyaiyum bali kollum’ of Sri Sri Swamiji. More and more people are joining this group also and hope by Sri Swamiji’s Grace Nama and Mahamantram¬† spreads fast in Singapore.

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