With the blessings of Sri Sri Swamiji, Nama Sankirtan took of in a grand manner in Germany on 27th September this year.

Germany has a huge population of Sri Lankan Tamils spread across various cities. They are very simple people deeply devoted and have established community Hindu temples wherever possible. They are very cordial with the local population as well as expat Indians.

On 27th September, being the auspicious day of Saraswati Pooja during the Navaratri time, the first GOD Satsang was inaugurated in Germany with tremendous support from the devotees there.

Sri Jayaveera Anjaneyar Temple at a town called Castrop-Rauxel near Dortmund was chosen as the first kendra. Sri Sri Swamiji, in one of his discourses, has mentioned that Sri Anjaneya was the ever devotee who went overseas and spread the Rama Nama. It was indeed apt that the first Nama activity in Germany happened in Lord Anjaneya’s own place! In So it was very apt that the first Nama activity happened in Europe in his temple.

Around 85 devotees had assembled in the temple for the yearly Laksharchanai programme. As part of the agenda, Thanjavur Vijay from GOD India discoursed on the glory of Hinduism and importance of chanting of Divine Names in this age of Kali. The gathered devotees listened to the lecture in rapt attention and joined enthusiastically in the mass chanting of Hare Rama Mahamantra. Sri Swamiji’s photo and Mahamantra CD’s were given to Mr. Rueben (in-charge of the temple and who helped in organizing this event) and the temple priests. Mahamantra stickers were distributed to all devotees.

The organizers promised that Mahamantra will be chanted at this temple every Sunday morning during the weekly bhajan and the CD with Mahamantra kirtan in the divine voice of Sri Sri Swamiji shall be played daily.

Sri Kanaka Durga Ambal Alayam at Schwerte town was the second center. Sri Jeyanthinatha Sarma, the in-charge of this temple had known Sri Sri Swamiji through the the articles in Sakthi Vikatan magazine and was very eager to welcome us. Thanjavur Vijay from GOD India participated in the evening Navaratri pooja and gave a short speech on the glory of Nama Sankeerthan. Around 45 devotees participated and chanted Mahamantrawith great devotion and interest. Mahamantra stickers were distributed to all. Mahamantra chanting will take place here every Sunday evening.

The temple authorities promised to have a bigger event during their planned Kumbhabhishekam mid of next year.

Sri. Thavarajah, president of Sri Vivekananda sports club, Dortmund and Sri. Sriganesh Natarajan, devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji working in Germany helped in a big way to organize these programs.

2 Responses to “GOD Satsang in Germany”

  1. powna Says:

    Radhe krishna

    its very plesent to see the Nama sankirtan programmes from German(devotees)

    when i look at the temple walls i couldnot belive it its german which made me to feel INDIA TEMPLES . congratulations for all the devotees effort and interest to conduct such a wonderful” Nama sankirtan” during this festival times and week end times

    keep continuing with our Guru maharaj blessings.
    Radhe Krishna
    sivakasi Namadwaar

  2. N.Sivaramakrishnan Says:

    GOD Satsang in Germany shows how our Guru Maharaj makes His followers to serve throughout the world.We are now assured that inspite of so many evils around us dedication & devotion to Sri Sadgurunatha & chanting of Mahamanthra whenever possible, will help us to lead a simple,peaceful,purposeful,honest, why a divine life.What more is required?

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