It was a beautiful Saturday evening. Sri Sri Swamiji came to Naidu Mahajana Hall at around 5:40 pm.  Right at the entrance, a huge number of devotees lined up to express their devotion and love for Sri Sri Swamiji.  He sat on the dais and patiently listened to each devotee and accepted their token of love in the form of shawls, fruits, etc.   Many devotees shared their divine experiences.

Then at around 6:40 pm, after giving prasad to contributors and coordinators, Sri Sri Swamiji started His discourse.  Sri Sri Swamiji beautifully drove home the point about the age of Kali and how difficult it is to follow other paths and faiths and said that it is indeed Bhakti that is the easiest of paths.  Then Sri Sri Swamiji spoke of episodes from Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s life and outlined the glory fo Nama Sankirtan.

Quoting widely from Upanishads, Sri Sri Swamiji underlined the importance of attaining liberation in this human birth and said how Mahamantra Sankirtan can help us achieve the same.

After the lecture, Sri Sri Swamiji led the Mass Prayers with  Mahamantra Kirtan, which every devotee enthusiastically chanted.

Then Sri Sri Swamiji distributed kumkum prasad to more than 800 devotees who attended the prayer meet.

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