On 15th November, a mass prayer with Mahamantra Kirtan was performed in Karur in the divine presence of HH Sri Sri Swamiji.

It was a special day – the day of Jayanti of our Guru Maharaj. Sri Sri Swamiji came to the venue early to give darshan to numerous devotees who had come to see Him on this special day.

In order to commemorate the 49th Jayanti of Sri Sri Swamiji, garlands  from 49 Sri Vaishnavite temples (divya desams) were brought to Karur.  Sri Sri Swamiji was offered all the garlands, starting wtih Sri Rangam and Kanchipuram.  Holy waters from different rivers across the country were brought and offered to Sri Sri Swamiji.  A huge tulsi garland, a floral crown and baskets-full of different kinds of flowers were offered to Sri Swamiji, which He happily accepted.

Later, the mass prayer program started with an introduction to GOD by Dr. A. Bhagyanathan.  This was followed by Sri Sri Swamiji giving prasad to all the supporters of the program.   Then the most awaited Sri Sri Swamiji’s discourse commenced.

Sri Sri Swamiji started His discourse with the sloka ‘Paritraanaaya Sadhunaam…’ and explained the need for establishing the Dharma in every Yuga. Then speaking about the Dharma, He said that the dharma should be a common one for everybody, and not for a limited set of people.  Then Sri Sri Swamiji spoke on the lives of Tirugnanasambandar, Appar,  Sundarar, Andal and other Nayanmars and Azhwars to show how their lives had been dedicated to Bhakti through Nama Sankirtan.  Sri Sri Swamiji spoke about the greatness of “Hare Rama…” Mahamantra and said, ‘This is by no means a cult. This mantra is an Upanishad Mantra and can be chanted by everyone and anyone. Whichever deity you may worship, if you chant this mantra, the obstacles in the worship will be cleared.  This Mantra is also a kalpataru that can grant all your wishes, including liberation.’

‘This place is called ‘Karur’.   Karu means womb. All of us have indeed come from this place only.  In order for us not to come back to this place yet again, let us chant the Mahamantra regularly’, Sri Sri Swamiji concluded His discourse.

This was followed by a mass Mahamantra Kirtan after which Sri Sri Swamiji distributed Prasad to all the devotees.

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