As ordained by Sri Sri Swamiji, a Bhagavata saptaha pravachanam was conducted at Jakarta, Indonesia at the residence of Sri. Gopal and Smt. Mala Gopal from 18th to 24th October 2009. Smt. Bharathi Ramakrishnahari did the pravachanam in Tamil for 7 days from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.

The first day’s lecture was ‘Srimad Bhagavatha Mahatmyam’. It was a good start with around 45 devotees participating. The next day’s lecture was on ‘Narada charitram’ and ‘Druva charitra’. The lady devotees were moved to tears while hearing about the worldly dispassion of Sage Narada during his previous birth. The day being our Sri Sri Swamiji’s jayanthi, Guru mahima was highlighted. All, could not but cry on hearing the incidence about our Sri Sri Swamiji’s compassion towards an ardent devotee who was a poor tailor. His 2 small kids, who got drowned in a swamp mud pool, came back to life after 45 min when the tailor called out the Lord’s name with faith. The day’s satsang concluded with special chanting for our Sri Sri Swamiji’s jayanthi.

The third day’s lecture was on ‘Ajamila charitra’ and ‘Ambareesha charitra’. She highlighted that even a sinner like Ajamila could be liberated when he called his 10th son on his death bed. The Lord heard him cry ‘Narayana’ which also happened to be Ajamila’s son’s name and Lord sent His kinkaras to take him to His feet. The fourth day’s lecture was on ‘Prahlada charitra’.The fifth day’s lecture was on ‘Gajendra moksham’ and ‘ Vamana avatara’.

The sixth day’s lecture was the much awaited ‘Krishna jananam’ and ‘Krishna leela’. The weekdays saw a crowd of around 18-20 lady devotees. Around 60 devotees thronged on the final day to hear about ‘Krishna leela’ and ‘Rukmani kalyanam’. The devotees laughed and cried as they heard the Krishna leela.

It was indeed a feast to the people of Jakarta to hear Bhagavata saptaham lecture far off from our land, Bharath. All this was possible only by the grace of our beloved Sri Sri Swamiji. Even Varuna Deva seemed to have been moved by the compassion of our Swamiji in bringing satsang abroad. There was slight drizzling upon the final day lecture conclusion amidst the scorching sun as the climate there has been hot recently.

The photos of the Saptaham are available here.

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