Sri Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi was celebrated on the 15th November 2009 in Bangalore at Sri Sundara Anjeneya Temple with great fervour. It was a blessing to all the devotees that the entire day was spent with thoughts and talks about Sri Sri Swamiji.

The celebrations started off with Ayusha Homam and Aavahanthi Homa in the morning with the Poornaahuthi at about 12.00 noon. This was followed by the Mahaprasadam.

The afternoon session commenced at 3.00 pm with the singing of Guru’s kirtans by the satsang children in Sanskrit, some of which were translated into Kannada . It was nice to see about 25 children  on the stage singing in unison .

This was followed by a bharthanatyam  performance by Kum Shruthi Lakshmi who had  given her aragetram just a week back.

The most awaited Divine experience of devotees touched everyone’s heart implanting confidence in our Sri Sri Swamiji and the Mahamantra all the more.  In all, six devotees narrated their experiences.

This was followed by a speech by Sri Abhishek Lakshminarayan in English highlighting the essence of Guru bhakthi which was well brought out with connotations from Sabari patti’s life. Then Sri Naveen Bhat spoke in Kannada about Guru and the Mahamantra.

The grand finale was the Mahamantra kirtan by  the devotees followed by the distribution of prasadam. Around 250 to 300 devotees participated in the celebrations.

Nagara Sankirtan also was held in Malleswaram in the morning between 6.30 and 7.00 a.m. as is always done on Sundays.

Click here for the photographs of the celebrations

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