Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust conducted their second Annual Mass Prayer for the Bangalore students  on the 19th of December at the Town Hall , JC Road , Bangalore.  The hall, full to its capacity of over 1000 students reverberated to the Mahamantra Chanting towards the end of the session  with our Satsang children leading it ,well accompanied  with musical instruments.

Introducing GOD and its activities to the gathering, Smt Kanchanaji and Smt Meenaji welcomed the speakers of the day, Dr.Bhagyanathanji and Gurumurthyji.  Their motivational speech pumped a new vigor in everyone and charged the atmosphere so well that all without an exception  embraced the Mahamantra and what followed  was an “Devine ensemble”  of Music, Prayer, Faith of 1000 plus children wrapped by the blessings of our Guruji Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.

Dr. Bhagyanathanji addressed the gathering of about 1000 students in English.  Shri. Gurumurthyji spoke in the regional language and motivated the students.


Some of the feedbacks :

1.       It was a marvelous program which I have never seen anywhere. By this I am sure I will achieve my goal and succeed. I am very thankful to all for giving me a chance to become a part of GOD.      (Leenasree K , 10th Std, Indian High School)

2.       I like this program very much. It’s a Rich Program and I am going to Chant the Mahamantra. ( Veena A )

3.       I was told by my sister who attended last year and I am so happy to attend this year. The Mahamantra will never get exhausted like other prasada. ( Pavitra SP , X std , Sarvajna High School )

4.       The Mahamantra calmed my Mind and made me very confident to take my exam. I will chant it every day. ( Gayatri R , X std, Indian High School )

5.       This is really super and cool . I think this is what the younger generation needs. I did not realize it will be so good and have such an impact on me. ( Sheeba Sultana, X std, Amar Jyothy School )

6.       I was very inspired and the program was excellent. I am going to Chant every day and I request all of the students to chant. ( Divya Bhat, X std , Amar Jyothy School )

7.       This is a very inspiring and motivating program, Hope it will help our children, Mrs Gopa Basu, Chinmaya Vidyalaya .

The Program was very well Managed by the Satsang members of Bangalore

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