SUNDAY  , the 10th of Jan 2010  was NAMADAY for the GOD satsang members of Bengaluru.

The marghazhi  Nagarasankeertan at Malleswaram  seems to have become a habit for many a participants as they enquire about it with eagerness, whenever we have changed our routes  and insist that we continue to pass through their roads.

On the 10th morning, we joined the residents of “Mantri Green” , one of the biggest condominium in the area , starting off with a 15 mins sharing of the importance of doing nagara sankeertan,  the significance of Marghazhi month and chanting of Mahamantra .  It was a large gathering of around 40 residents the we ended the session by singing “Anjaneya Ram”.

In the forenoon, the satsang members assembled in the new office of UTVAC  as requested by Sri Shankarnarayanji and chanted Mahamantra till the walls of his office started reverberating Mahamantra.  All of us felt divine presence in every square of the office space and the resonance created was sublime indeed.

The satsang group then moved to  “Jyothy Medows”  in Jeevan Bheema nagar where we had a wonderful group of children waiting for us. We shared small stories with  the children and the elders alike, and for all of us it was going back in time to our childhood days where we could laugh, cheer and sing in free abandon. We did a evening nagara sankeertan with all the assembled residents by chanting the Mahamantra. Yet again , we signed off the session by singing “Anjeneya Ram” and promising to come back with more stories which  highlight the importance of NAMA.

- A devotee from Bangalore.

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