What is Namadwaar?

The Namadwaar is a sanctorum where there shall be a continuous chanting of the Divine Name in conjunction with prayers for world peace and universal brotherhood. It shall be a common place for everyone to come and chant the Divine Name of God. Special chanting and prayers shall be performed for personal prayer requests. The Namadwaar is open to one and all, irrespective of location, caste, creed or gender.

The Seed for Namadwaar

Once, during a conversation with our beloved Master, he asked us what the need of the hour was. We maintained silence, as we knew something important was going to be shared by our beloved Master.

He underlined the importance of peace, amity and universal brotherhood as the prime necessity in today’s world, though, of course liberation (mukthi) is indeed the ultimate end. The only solution is inner transformation  – a change in the tendency of every single person and the only way to achieve it, is through spirituality  – through sincere prayers to God. This would in-turn lead each one of us to realize and experience God in our own lives.

Prayers are powerful. Extraordinarily powerful are sincere prayers with love and devotion to that Lord Almighty powered by the chanting of the Divine Name of God  – the Mahamantra. They are powerful enough to grant liberation and to provide relief from the material ills of this world.

The Need for Namadwaar

Further elaborating on the need for a Namadwaar, Sri Swamiji mentioned that at the present age, people are taken care for their food, shelter, education, medical needs etc.  The government and other organisations draw up different plans and schemes to ensure that these benefits reach even the most backward people in the society.

Likewise, there is a need for an organisation and a medium to ensure that the best spiritual path – the one that is easy to follow in the current living condition, the one that does not discriminate on the basis of financial status, caste, creed or religion,  the one that will help show the fulfilment of life to people.

Hence was born Namadwaars.


Currently, the following Namadwaars are functional in different parts of India:

  1. Sri Kalyana Srinivasa Perumal Koil – Madhurapuri Ashram
  2. Sri Chaitanya Kuteeram
  3. AnnaNagar – Chennai
  4. Pammal – Chennai
  5. Sriperumbudur
  6. Cuddalore
  7. Salem
  8. Trichy
  9. Madurai
  10. Vathalagundu
  11. Periyakulam
  12. Tuticorin
  13. Ambasamudram
  14. Sivakasi
  15. Kovilpatti
  16. Virudhungar

Click here to download the "Hare Rama.." Mahamantra Kirtan in the voice of Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

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