The Madurai Namadwaar is located at in the heart of the Madurai City. It was started on 16th March, 2008 and serves for all of Madurai and surrounding places of Thirukoshtiyur, Thirumangalam, Thirunagar, etc.

Devotees from near and far visit this Namadwaar and place their prayers.

Nama Kirtan happens for 6 hours every day. ‘Prabodhanam’ (waking up the Lord), ‘Dolotsav’ (singing the Lord to sleep) and ‘Harathi take place everyday.

Nagara Sankirtan is performed around the Namadwaar on all Sundays of the month.

Contact & Hours

The Namadwaar is open for the public every day in the following timings:
Morning: 8.00 am to 9.00 pm

During these hours, continuous Mahamantra Kirtan happens in the Namadwaar.

During special celebrations / festivals, the Namadwaar is open for a longer duration. Timings on such days will be posted on the website as well as the local notice boards.

Mr.Hari Das is the facilitator of the Madurai Namadwaar.
He can be contacted at: +91 9042481826


The Madurai Namadwaar is located at:
Plot:121, Door No:214, Ilango Street,
Iyaar Bangalow, EB Colony,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

By Bus:

Periyar Bus Terminus (Pazhanganatham) is the closest bus terminus. The Namadwaar is located about 5 km from the train station. From the bus terminus, head south towards Town Hall Road…

By Air:

The Madurai Airport is the closest airport. From the airport, head north on Avaniyapuram Byepass Road for about 9 km….

By Rail:

The Madurai Railway Station is the closest train station and is a major train junction. The Namadwaar is located about 5km from the train station,
From the railway station, head south towards Town Hall Road…

By Road:

The Namadwaar is situated close to NH-7.

Special Services

Feed the Poor

‘Annadhaanam’ (feeding the masses) happens on all Ekadasis and special occassions.

Akhanda Nama

On Every Ekadasi day and other special events, Akhanda Nama is being conducted at the Namadwaar between 6.00 am in the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening. Sometimes, it happens round the clock. The details about such occasions will be provided on the website.


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